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Please visit our “register” page to find out more about the fees for the upcoming baseball season.


Our players wear the Cronulla Sharks Baseball CLub uniform, which consists of a baseball cap, shirt, black or grey pants and a black belt. T-Ball and Zooka Ball (machine pitch) players wear a button-less shirt, while Baseball players wear a baseball shirt with buttons. Pants and black belt can be purchased at the local baseball shop. Cap and shirt can be purchased from the club directly.

Our coaches and managers wear the Cronulla Sharks Baseball Club baseball cap and polo. On colder days the coaches and managers wear the Cronulla Sharks Baseball Club hoodie.

In addition the club has a range of clothing and merchandise, which can be purchased from the club directly. All revenues generated through our clothing and merchandise is reinvested back into the club.

Family, friends and supporters are invited to wear Cronulla Sharks Baseball Club gear to show their support.

Currently all uniform and merchandise articles can be purchased at our club house. We are working on an online ordering capability at the moment.

Cronulla Sharks Baseball Club Uniform Catalogue

Cronulla Sharks Baseball Club Uniform Catalogue


Training is organised by the coaches and managers of each of the teams. Popular training days are Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursdays. The length and time of training depends on the different age groups. Younger age groups might train just 45 minutes, while older age groups train 90 to 120 minutes.

To support the individual players and teams the Cronulla Sharks Baseball Club offers dedicated pitching and batting clinics by qualified and experienced coaches.


Junior games are played on a Saturday morning from 9 am on-wards. Games are time limited and the length of the games is determined by the age group. In example our T-Ball players play a maximum of 60 minutes.

During summer our seniors play on a Sunday. In winter our seniors play on a Saturday afternoon and Sunday.


A respected profession among baseball players, coaches and spectators. It is this sort of profession that can teach you how to manage your time well, manage people and gain valuable experience in dealing with rules and being the "man in charge".

At Cronulla Sharks Baseball Club we supply umpires for the Saturday morning junior games and provide a start to a pathway to the upper levels and progressing through the game to local park ball competitions right up to National level tournaments and the Australian Baseball League.

Each season your club needs your help, we are looking for children 14 years or older and adults who are willing to help us umpire our junior games. Your club will help you get qualified as an umpire and will also help you to seek out and join the St George Sutherland Baseball Umpires Association.

The kids get paid too!

If you have any questions or would like to volunteer your time, please get in contact with our clubs Umpire Coordinator via email .


As with the progression for players from teeball through to baseball, scorers also go from simple modified scoring for teeball through to the detailed recording of every single play required for baseball. While the rules of the game change throughout these variations of the sport the fundamentals of scoring remain the same.

Much respect is given to scorers in the game of baseball. After the completion of every game in juniors and seniors each team congratulates each other and in almost all situations reserves a small applause for the scorers of the game. The scorers’ job is as important as any other participant in the game.


Submit your results no later than 5:25pm (17's finish at 5pm) on the day of the game to the Cronulla Sharks Recorder. We have until 7pm to get them in.

Either scanned or photographed versions of the result sheet is to be emailed to the Cronulla Sharks Recorder by 12.00 pm of the Monday following the game.

We have until 7:30pm but we will need some time to sort out the emails/files.

email <scorer email>

Please advise if you can't send the result sheets electronically.