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Launch of our new website

The summer 2019/20 baseball season is fast approaching and we are working hard on improving the experience for our players, coaches, managers as well as their families and friends. The launch of the new website plays a key role in improving the experience, while the website is tightly integrated with other digital channels such as Instagram and Facebook.

Below is a list of some of the measures we have taken to improve the experience:

  • Integration with Instagram - we are able to upload photos on our Instagram account. These photos are then published on Facebook and our website;

  • Events / Schedule - we are able to schedule events via our website and publish these directly in Facebook;

  • News articles / blogs - news and blog articles are authored and published via the website and are integrate into our Facebook page;

With the new platform in place, we are able to do much more in the future. Features we are exploring at the moment:

  • Scheduling system - we are looking at integrating a scheduling software to enable us to allocate fields and batting cages as well as allowing users to book facilities at our club;

  • Online shop - we are looking at integrating an online shopping capability allowing users to purchase uniform and merchandise articles via the website;

We are confident that there are plenty of other opportunities to enhance the digital experience of the club. Feedback is welcome! So, is participation in it :)