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Getting ready for grading and team selection

This Sunday (4th August) marks our first grading and team selection day and we would like to provide some guidance in particular for our new players and their families.

What to bring?

The most important item to bring is your glove and shoes with studs (for example your regular football boots). Besides that, we recommend you bring a hat, sun screen (if required) and some water. You can wear your uniform in case you’ve already picked it up.

The closest Baseball store is Diamond One ( . They are located at Shop 1, 156 The Boulevarde Miranda NSW 2228.

What to expect?

For the TeeBall players, we are planning on giving everyone a go at throwing, batting and fielding as well as introducing the new players to core aspects of the game.

For all the other competition formats the coaching staff will assess the level of throwing, catching, batting of each of the players with the aim to group players with similar skills.

It is worth noting that we have already received a number of requests in relation to their preference who they would like to play with. Our aim is to facilitate all requests. Please contact us or let us know on the day in case you have any preferences.

You will be able to purchase or pick up your uniform items on the day.

And you will be able to register for the upcoming season at our club house in case you have not done so online.

But most of all …

Let’s remember to have fun and use the opportunity to meet other families and players within the club. So make sure you say “hi” to each other and have a good time.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us via our website, email or Facebook page in case you have any queries.