Online Registration

Baseball Australia introduced an online registration system in 2017 to register players, coaches, managers and volunteers via one central platform in the same way like other codes are doing it across Australia.

To register a player you are required to access the clubs online registration form, setup an user account (if you are new to Baseball) or use your login from last year and then register the player. The registration system consists of the following steps:

  1. Create an account
  2. Adding Basic Details (Player information)
  3. Select your registration product
  4. Just a few more details
  5. Summary
  6. Payment
  7. Confirmation


If you are a returning player make sure that you use the exact email address like last year. This will not only make the registration easier but ensures that there are no duplicates in the system. If you forgot your password you are able to recover the same via the "Forgot your Password" function. 

Link to the Cronulla Sharks Baseball Club Online Registration Form

Cronulla Sharks Online Registration Form

Note: The online registration form does not work in Internet Explorer. We have been advised that it works in Safari (including iPhones and iPads), Google Chrome Browser and Mozilla Firefox.

Walkthrough Guide

Link to Online Registration Form Step by Step Walkthrough Guide


  • The link above points at the Cronulla Sharks Baseball Club Online Registration From. Each club has their own registration form.
  • The player fees are determined based on the age of the player. Please refer to our website for the fee structure and age matrix.
  • Our products contain the wording “club” and “association”.
  • BNSW is Baseball NSW; National is Baseball Australia.
  • We recommend that you run the form in an incognito mode or private mode (right click or hold the link with your finger to provoke the dialogue menu and select incognito or private mode depending on your browser and device). 

Known issues

  • The online registration form does not work in Internet Explorer. 


In case you experience any issues or you have any feedback you can contact us via our Facebook Page or via